“I received a message the Switchboard which led to a total of five referrals outside of the Switchboard! Our photography business has completed 10 shoots in the past month booked directly from this post. Thank you, Switchboard!”

“Thank you to everyone who generously offered your time and advice. I recently started a new healthcare position and I am so grateful for the kindness and support of the W&M community. ”

Wei Chang '17 shared this story on September 17, 2020

Healthcare Opportunities in the D.C. Area

“I connected with an alum in California who’s father is a professor in the San Francisco area  and who is the author of several books about health and wants to be a guest on my show!”

Sheri DeMaris '81 shared this story on July 29, 2020

TV interviews on Holistic Health

“more stuff girlls said: Sarah M. - Jeanne is a powerful leader and a great inspiration to those around her. While attending the SuperGirlls Bootcamp, I was so impressed by how she engaged others and brought them into the conversation. Jeanne individually reached out to connect after the session and continued to make sure that I felt supported. She is passionate, bold, and incredibly confident in helping others build their networks and their personal brands, inspiring success in others by setting an incredible example herself. ”

“What girls like you said about stuff like this: Lauren G --- Jeanne's energy, passion and dedication is contagious! I attended her SuperGirlls Bootcamp which truly gave me the motivation I needed to jumpstart my own business. She re-enforced the keys to success, including building a strong brand presence & the power of networking. Thank you Jeanne for sharing your incredible knowledge in the digital industry & for being a great mentor that is always there with encouragement, openness & meaningful advice”

“Set up a handful of interviews based on responses from this posting. My colleagues were highly impressed, and everybody kept asking "where did you find these people?" Winner after winner. Makes the selection process harder in some ways, but also gives us more choices! ”

Lillian Fu '16 shared this story on July 6, 2020

Part-Time Remote Job Opportunity

Click here to see how we are accomodating the COVID-19 situation and getting properties sold”

“They emailed me directly from this posting.”

“I've been the editor/writer of a wide variety of writing. I edited an adventure/science fiction story, The Second Confirmation by Stan Papell, that was published in the US and later in Russia. I am listed as editor but I can't read Russian! I've helped novice writers write their true stories -like Debra Luptak's personal story of childhood abuse - A Survivor's Closet. ”

Victoria Giraud '64 shared this story on March 4, 2020

Writing, Editing Services - Remote

“Thanks to Paul Hickman ('10), I am now in contact with about a dozen W&M grads who work in the data science field via LinkedIn. Thanks, Paul!”

“We received a TREMENDOUS response from our alumni on our request for their expertise and experience! ”

“I have helped clients to release themselves from many hampering behaviors. One that was particularly rewarding was  a client with a fear of tunnels and bridges. After just a few sessions she was able to drive across a bridge and through our local tunnels successfully.”

“I found my person using the switchboard! Thanks”

“I have had clients who have released their fears, such as one who could not drive over bridges or through tunnels without either turning back or having a panic attack (in Hampton Roads!). In 4 sessions, we rode across a bridge and through a tunnel together, and she is now running her own successful business without that hindrance of the past. What a relief!”

“After posting this offer, I was thrilled to receive a message from Julia, a Class of 2015 alumna in the D.C. area who was interested in expanding her  journalism experience through the Pulitzer Center's fellowship. She and I scheduled a phone call to discuss the program and her proposal and I encouraged her to apply. Julia's project idea impressed the selection committee and she was selected as one of our three inaugural "Beyond War" reporting fellows. In addition to connecting about her fellowship, she and I realized that we have several mutual friends in the area and continue to be professional contacts. Her incredible work can be found here: https://pulitzercenter.org/projects/good-friday-agreement-20-years-womens-work

“I was excited and encouraged by the outreach I received in response to this post.”

Megan Lyons '13 shared this story on February 19, 2019

Early Career Job in Fundraising at Georgetown

“We ended up hiring a Japanese speaker at S$5,000 with Immigration. They will be getting new laptops, mobile phones, hoodies, T-shirts, bi-weekly 飲み会, Dinner with CEO and office in the latest Share space in Singapore ”

“It's not a done deal yet, but the response was on the first day I posted. The potential client was complimentary about my writing/editing talents and is seriously considering having me edit her book.”

Victoria Giraud '64 shared this story on October 19, 2018

writing and editing work

“I got 3 people requesting to connect”

Chase Jordan '15 shared this story on October 7, 2018

Private Equity ESG Due Diligence

“A student of mine won an award from Scholastic for her writing. My ninth grade class was featured in The Wall Street Journal as they gave their critique of using iPads in the classroom for the first time in 2014. ”